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King British Filter Aid Plus Formerly Safe Water 100ml

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King British Filter Aid+ is a beneficial product designed to enhance the water quality in your aquarium and create a healthier environment for your fish. It contains a blend of friendly microbes that play a crucial role in the nitrogen cycle of your aquarium.

When fish produce waste, ammonia is released into the water. Ammonia is toxic to fish and can cause stress and health issues. However, beneficial bacteria, also known as nitrifying bacteria, convert ammonia into nitrite, and then into less harmful nitrate. This process is called the nitrogen cycle.

Adding King British Filter Aid+ to your aquarium helps to boost the population of these beneficial bacteria. The friendly microbes in the product work to break down harmful ammonia and nitrite, reducing their levels in the water. This helps to create a safer and healthier environment for your fish.

By using King British Filter Aid+ on a weekly basis, you can maintain better water quality, keep ammonia and nitrite levels in check, and promote a stable and thriving aquarium ecosystem. It's a great way to support the overall well-being of your fish and ensure they have a clean and safe home to live in.


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