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HiLife It's Only Natural The Luxury Wholesome Hamper Wet Dog Food 18 x 100g

Brand HiLife

SKU 90173
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Chicken breast with carrots & peas in jelly: Chicken breast (60%), carrots (5%), peas (5%), minerals. Chicken breast with beef & carrots in jelly: Chicken breast (55%), beef (5%), carrots (5%), minerals. Chicken breast with tuna, beans & vegetables in broth: Chicken breast (55%), carrots (10%), beans (10%), peas (5%), dolphin-safe tuna (5%). Chicken breast with beef, beans & garden vegetables in broth: Chicken breast (55%), carrots (10%), beans (10%), peas (5%), beef (5%). Chicken breast with salmon & potato in the sauce: Chicken breast (55%), salmon (5%), potato (5%), cassava extract. Chicken breast with sweet potato & kale in the sauce: Chicken breast (60%), sweet potato (8%), kale (2%), cassava extract.

Nutrition Breakdown:

Protein 15%, fat content 0.5%, crude fibre 0.5%, crude ash 0.9%, moisture 82%


Indulge your feline friend with the HiLife "It's Only Natural" Wholesome Hamper, a delightful assortment of six hand-prepared dishes made with 100% natural ingredients. Each pouch is carefully crafted to provide a tasty and wholesome meal for your beloved cat. This hamper is a grain-free feast, with no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, ensuring that your cat enjoys only the best.

Inside this delightful multipack, your cat will discover a range of tempting chicken recipes, each artfully steamed in a light sauce, jelly, or broth. Let your furry companion savour the following delicious flavours:

  1. Chicken Breast with Carrots & Peas in Jelly: A delightful combination of tender chicken breast with the sweetness of carrots and peas, all served in a succulent jelly.

  2. Chicken Breast with Beef & Carrots in Jelly: A mouthwatering blend of chicken breast and savoury beef, accompanied by tender carrots in a delectable jelly.

  3. Chicken Breast with Tuna, Beans & Garden Vegetables in Broth: A delightful medley of chicken breast, tuna, and nutritious garden vegetables, served in a savoury broth.

  4. Chicken Breast with Beef, Beans & Garden Vegetables in Broth: A heartwarming mix of chicken breast, beef, and wholesome garden vegetables, all bathed in a delicious broth.

  5. Chicken Breast with Salmon & Potato in Sauce: The perfect pairing of chicken breast with the richness of salmon and the comfort of potato, all in a flavorful sauce.

  6. Chicken Breast with Sweet Potato & Kale in Sauce: A delightful combination of chicken breast with sweet potato and the wholesome goodness of kale, all served in a sumptuous sauce.

With the HiLife "It's Only Natural" Wholesome Hamper, your cat will enjoy a delightful variety of flavours, each carefully prepared to provide a nutritious and satisfying meal. Treat your feline companion to this exquisite selection and watch them savour every bite!


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