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PetsMagnet & INTROPET INC.

  • Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to PetsMagnet, a renowned pet care brand with a strong presence in the UK.
  • PetsMagnet is now expanding its footprint to the USA, and INTROPET INC. is proud to be your exclusive gateway to these exceptional pet products.

Why Choose PetsMagnet with INTROPET INC.?

Proven Excellence:
  • PetsMagnet has earned a reputation for unwavering quality and dedication to pet well-being.

Comprehensive Selection:

  • Explore a diverse array of pet essentials, from premium pet food to innovative accessories, all designed to meet your pet's unique needs.
Industry Insight:
  • INTROPET INC. possesses unparalleled knowledge of the American pet market, tailoring PetsMagnet's offerings to cater to the preferences and demands of pet owners in the USA.
Customer-Centric Approach: 
  • Your satisfaction is our priority, with a dedicated customer support team ready to assist with your queries and provide expert recommendations.

Eco-Friendly Commitment:

  • Many PetsMagnet products are eco-friendly, aligning with our commitment to sustainable practices.

    Coming Soon - Your Trusted Source for PetsMagnet:

    • Stay tuned as we prepare to launch PetsMagnet's offerings in the USA.
    • Soon, you'll be able to explore our website for the complete PetsMagnet range and discover how these products can enhance your pet's life.

    Join Us in Elevating Pet Care:

    • INTROPET INC. is your dedicated partner in bringing PetsMagnet to your furry friends.
    • Let's work together to make pets across the USA happier and healthier with PetsMagnet.
    • Thank you for choosing INTROPET INC. to be part of your pet's journey.
    • We look forward to serving you soon as we embark on this exciting adventure with PetsMagnet.
    For any enquiries contact us at: