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Signs of a flea infestation in dogs

Signs of a flea infestation in dogs

The dog often begins to scratch, pull out hair. Places of lesions and bites appear. You need to rake the dog's fur, and make out the black dots - these are flea eggs. If the infection is more severe, then you can see the blood-sucking pests themselves.

At the first manifestation of fleas in a dog, you should immediately contact your veterinarian. He will prescribe timely treatment, taking into account all the characteristics of the animal.

Severe itching is still a minor problem.

Fleas are carriers of manifestation, complications are possible:
  • The appearance of worms
  • Salmonellosis, plague,
  • Dermatitis.

Try to remember to get your dog vaccinated annually. This will ensure a healthy environment. A modern approach to pet care can improve health and quality of life.

How to start treating fleas in a dog

Even at home, fleas can appear in a dog. This is a disease that must be treated. This problem can develop allergies, hair loss, poor appetite, and nervousness.

If a dog has fleas, regardless of the conditions of its residence, (at home or on the street), urgent medication is needed. Blood-sucking insects are carriers of infections that disrupt the psychological state of the dog.

A good way to use a comprehensive method for the destruction of parasites.

The dog and the entire room in which it lives will have to be processed.

For a high-quality result, you can use well-known pharmaceuticals.

The drug for treatment is selected taking into account age, health status, coat length. This issue is best addressed with your veterinarian.

During the treatment phase, the dog should be fenced off from other animals.

Modern flea treatment

Pharmacy remedies rid the dog of fleas and other parasites in a few procedures.

What will help:

  • Collars,
  • sprays,
  • shampoos,
  • drops,
  • flea drugs
  • pills.

Flea collars with a special coating are preventive in nature.

They rank first in terms of parasite remedies, are easy to use. It is very easy to put a thin strip on a dog's neck. They are safe, do not enter the dog's body. Valid up to three months. However, it was noticed that there are no fleas near the head, but in the back they may appear.

Therefore, it is better to treat in a complex manner, using other methods:

  • Using an anti-flea shampoo removes fleas from the dog, relieves inflammation from bites and restores hair at the site of skin lesions. In the composition of such a remedy, essential oils and herbs that kill parasites.
  • Sprays are the most effective and fastest way; you just need to spray the animal. Don't worry about droplets going into the animal's stomach. The spray is harmless.
  • You need to be careful with drops. They should be applied where the pet cannot reach, on the withers. The method is more effective and long lasting.
  • The tablets are very easy to use. You should give the dog one tablet and you can forget about the parasites for 3 months.

There are also harmless ways, these are medicinal herbs. You can wash the animal with a decoction of wormwood or eucalyptus.

A decoction of apple cider vinegar and water, in proportions of 1: 3, is rubbed into the skin of the animal, and an hour later, washed off along with fleas.

Flea prevention

In order not to get infected with fleas, it is better not to allow the dog to walk in questionable places, in garbage dumps.

The most effective prevention methods:

  • You should not walk your pet where a large number of stray animals are running.
  • Use of prophylactic collars and sprays.
  • Vacuum the room.
  • Comprehensive flea treatment.
  • Just cure the dog.

All things need to be handled well. Very often fleas leave the prey, but remain in other places, bedding, booths. And then they disturb the animal again.

Flea drugs are the most effective remedy. The illness should not be prolonged. Do not delay treatment, it is better to get rid of parasites right away. A small problem is solved faster. If you yourself cannot solve this problem, then contact a qualified veterinarian. You may have to disinfect the room with a special solution.

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