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Royal Canin cat food: a good choice

Royal Canin cat food: a good choice

Royal Canin

1. A few words about the history of the brand

The history of the Royal Canin brand dates back to 1968. It was then that a company was founded in France that produced dog food. The founder believed that the quality of animal nutrition directly affected its health. Over the years, the brand has developed rapidly, gaining the trust of breeders and pet owners. In 2002, the company was taken over the "Masterfood" division of the "Mars" brand. Its offices are located in the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Canada and Russia. 

2. Royal Canin is breed specific 


Now Royal Canin is one of the most popular pet food. The company develops regular daily diets and specialized therapeutic ones for cats. Royal Canin is the only cat food brand that has a wide variety of diets for specific breeds.
When developing each line, experts took into account all the nuances of the physiological structure of the certain breed. The shape of the pellets in each food is different, because the anatomical structure of the jaw and teeth may differ slightly.

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition diets are available on the market for the following breeds:

- Sphinx (up to 12 months and for adults over a year old);
- Siamese cat;
- Norwegian Forest;
- Maine Coon (for kittens up to 15 months and for adults over 15 months old);
- British Shorthair (for kittens and adult cats);
- Siberian cat;
- Bengal;
- Persian cat (for kittens and adult cats).

Feline Health Nutrition diets are also quite diverse:

- Food for kittens is presented in three formulas: for kittens up to 4 months old, up to a year old and a separate line for neutered kittens (and up to one year old);
- For domestic cats: adults, long-haired, prone to overeating and seniors (over 7 years old);
- Diet for pets with digestive problems;
- For cats over 12 years old;
- Formula for neutered animals: up to 7 years old, up to 12 years old and over 12 years old;
- For active animals that have access to the street;
- Separate formulas for particularly fastidious pets to the taste, aroma or composition of food.

Feline Health Nutrition line for cats with special needs, which are prevention of such problems as:

- Dental diseases (plaque and tartar);
- Formation of hair lumps in the gastrointestinal tract;
- Urolithiasis;
- Disorders of the digestive system;
- Overweight.

Royal Canin wet cat food lines are also breed specific.

Wet rations are available in pouches. Wet formulas are developed for individual breeds:

- Maine coons;
- British breed;
- Persian cats.

The usual formulas are represented by the following foods:

- In sauce, jelly or in the form of pate for kittens and for ordinary and sterilized individuals up to 12 months;
- For adult animals (in the form of pate or pieces in sauce or jelly);
- In sauce, jelly or pate for neutered cats;
- For 7+ and 12+ years old (in sauce and jelly).

For cats with special needs:

- Prevention of urolithiasis;
- Maintaining the beauty of the coat;
- Preventing the formation of lumps of hair in the stomach;
- Increased sensitivity of the gastrointestinal tract;
- Easy formula for over-fed cats.

3. Feeding guide

The packaging of the Royal Canin food always contains instructions for use. A special table clearly demonstrates the daily norms of pet food, depending on its body weight, degree of activity, as well as the purpose of nutrition. On average, an adult cat weighing 4-6 kg should be fed twice a day for 30-40 g of food.

Pay attention to your pet eating ready-made food. Here are the signs that it suits the cat:

- Shiny, beautiful coat;
- The cat is active, plays a lot and with pleasure;
-  There is no sharp unpleasant odour from the mouth and from its tray. 

You can also visit your veterinarian for tests that will show whether everything is well and correctly absorbed. 

4. Is Royal Canin good cat food?

Among the positive characteristics are the following:

- Complete and balanced composition.
- High nutritional value.
- The entire product line of Royal Canin contains vitamin and mineral supplements.
- Availability of veterinary and preventive food for pets with various pathologies.
- The variety of types of products such as dry pellets, pouches, various pates.
- High quality in comparison with "economy class" foods.
- Convenient packaging.
- Food is sold in many pet stores.

5. Top 3 Royal Canin cat food:

- Royal Canin Feline Senior Ageing 12+ Dry Cat Food

Royal Canin Feline Senior Ageing 12+ Dry Cat Food
is suitable for cats over 12 years of age;
includes certain nutrients that help maintain cat's health through the natural ageing period.

- Royal Canin Adult Digestive Care Dry Cat Food

Royal Canin Adult Digestive Care Dry Cat Food
a precisely-balanced nutritional formula which supports digestive health through specially tailored nutrients and a unique kibble design. 
contains a specific blend of prebiotics and fibres (including psyllium) to help support a balance in the intestinal flora and regulate intestinal transit.

- Royal Canin Adult Hair & Skin Dry Cat Food

Royal Canin Adult Hair & Skin Dry Cat Food
an exclusive complex of nutrients which helps support the skin’s barrier role.
contains high quality proteins, including specific amino acids, to maintain healthy hair growth and skin renewal.

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