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How to properly feeding your dog dry food only

How to properly feeding your dog dry food only

The most important care task for any your domestic dog is always to provide it with a correct and balanced diet.

The idea of ​​creating an affordable, high-quality, tasty and inexpensive dry food for your dog is far from new and lead history with 1860, when the first dry dog ​​biscuits began to appear – 'dog biscuits', invented in the USA by James Spratt.

Dog biscuits

Of course, his first 'treats' were not ideal food for many dog breed nowadays (it consisted only of wheat, dried vegetables and beef blood), but this idea was quickly noticed by many other dog breeders who were also interested in providing it with affordable and quality food.

In the 30s of the last century (the period of the Great Depression in the USA), the purchase of good and high-quality food became a problem for their owners and many entrepreneurs quickly realized that they could not only offer them an affordable and useful products, but also sell the waste of farm production that not intended for usual sale.

Due to this, the dry dog ​​food market emerged, which was developing quite rapidly at that time.

Today, dry food is sold in a wide range – in specialized stores and even in most large supermarkets. Already there are not only many numerous their types, depending on the content of the complex of vitamins in them, but even their classes in accordance with the level of their nutritional value and price range.

These are economy class, premium and super premium classes and even a modern holistic class for show and pregnant dogs, as well as for feeding sick and dogs that are in the rehabilitation period after serious illnesses.

Can I feed my pet ​​only just dry dog food?

Of course, but only under certain conditions and subject to certain rules.

  • It must be well understood that the dog's diet should also contain sufficient water. Water not only saves dogs from thirst, but also helps them digest their food. Therefore, they need to drink at least as often as they take their dry food.

The usual average daily intake of water is at least 40 grams per 1 kg of their body weight, but for puppies this rate can be even 2 times higher, since they are more active.

At the same time, the puppies does not change to water immediately, for some time after its birth, it still feeds on mother's milk. But over time, it grows up and there should always be water of the diet, at least, it owner needs to water his dog several times a day.

Dry food with water

  • It must be remembered that in puppies normal teeth do not appear immediately. And for some time after their birth, they generally feed only on mother's milk. So they must first grow up a little, and then smoothly switch to a diet that is more properly suitable for them. For the same reason, it is better for not enough adults to offer pre-soaked dry food so that they can get used to it more quickly.


  • Manufacturing companies, as well as many specialists and experienced dog breeders, are almost unanimous in the opinion that dry food should be chosen responsibly, paying attention to its mineral composition and vitamin complex. Any dogs (like all people) cannot constantly consume the same food product all the time, since they need different vitamins for their development in the diet and this is due to the formation of their digestive system.

But at the same time, it is important for dog owners to observe the following rules:

  • Dry food products should be tried from the same manufacturer. It is better if the producing country is the England, United States or Canada, where the technology for the production of dry food is the most advanced, as well as the manufacturer's responsibility for the vitamin complex it contains. At the same time, it is still possible to switch this product from one to another food manufacturer in order to alternate its tastes (although it is not extremely recommended), but for this it is important to be very attentive to your favorite dog and to have a possibility to monitor the manifestation of its allergies. A rash may begin to appear on your dog's ears, paws or even stomach, which will definitely indicate to it nutritional problems and incompatibility of the new type of food with your breed.

 Allergies in dogs

  • To avoid any possible digestive problems of your dog, dry food should never (under any circumstances) be diluted with natural food and stimulate dogs to consume it with additional 'treats' that will not only damage their appetite, but also irritate their stomach and lead to other very unpleasant consequences. Dog owners note that in this case it will be very difficult to force their dog to go back to the dry food. However, it is still possible to dilute dry food by 'wet food' if they are from the same manufacturer and are recommended by them as an additional additive to their main product.


  • Dry dog food should be of the highest quality whenever it possible. The super premium and holistic classes are better suited for it. Lower grades are cheaper, but the quality of these feeds will also be lower, which will ultimately lead to the fact that after a while it will be difficult for your dog to eat up their old dry food completely.


  • Always feed the dog according to the table on each food package. To do this, the owner of the dog needs to know its age and exact weight, and then it will not be difficult to measure the required food amount. It must be remembered that if the dog is overfed, this will lead to its excess weight and the development of various diseases. Therefore, the owners of the dog in the morning need to measure the daily feed rate for it and divide this food amount by the required number of it meals, taking care of a sufficient amount of water. In this case, eating food by your pet should occur possibly only after walks, and not before it.


In addition to all these rules, it is worth to note that it is much more important to monitor the health of your favorite pet than the correctness of its any feed intake.

Joyful dog

That is why experienced dog breeders will say that sometimes (at least once a week) a dog can be given some kind of replacement for the usual dry food. It may be some particle of 'canned food', a little bone or some other 'treat' for it, which will give the dog new vitamins and some positive digestion effects. It will be quite helpful to its food ration.

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Daisy - October 6, 2020

I always give my dog as much dry dog food as it is indicated on the food package. It should not overeat, as well as be hungry. It is equally important to buy high-quality dog food balanced in proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Then there will be no problems with feeding.

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