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Choosing the Perfect Bed for Your Dog

Choosing the Perfect Bed for Your Dog

Although most dogs can sleep well just about anywhere in the house, all of them deserve a comfy bed to snooze, as it is essential for them to mark their own space.

This will not only improve the dog’s sleep and make him happier, but also give him the option to hide in his shelter whenever he wants.

Types Perfect of Dog Beds

Dog mattresses

  • Dog rugs and mattresses are considered the best beds for medium and large dog breeds. Not hard to see why they are so popular, since these beds are inexpensive and machine washable. Orthopedic mattresses are also a great choice, especially for older dogs that are recovering from an injury;

Outdoor dog loungers

  • Outdoor dog loungers. They can be both plastic and soft, and are suitable for all breeds of dogs. The plastic ones are easier to care for, because they are easy to wash and don’t lose its shape after contact with water. Unfortunately, that can’t be said about soft loungers, as they lose their original shape after washing;

Dog houses

  • Dog houses. There are two types of dog houses: closed and semi-closed. There are certain dogs that love solitude and enthusiastically perceive the booth as their personal place. Dog houses are most often purchased for small and medium-sized dog breeds. For instance, they are perfect for Terriers, Pugs, Spitz, Pinschers, Dachshunds, and so on. Dog houses are usually made of wood or have a wooden frame, and the top is sheathed with soft fabric or leather. Such houses have a varied appearance - from an ordinary courtyard to a miniature White House. Cheaper options are made of cardboard and plush. A properly selected pet house can also be a great addition to the interior of your home;

Dog sofa bed

  • Dog sofa bed. Hard to believe, but nowadays you can even order a small sofa for your dog. Dog sofas are very similar to ours, as they consist of frame, filler, and furniture fabric that is used as upholstery. You can also order pillows, blankets, and removable covers in addition to the sofa;

Dog blankets

  • Dog blankets. These are perfect when you are traveling and need to take your best friend with you. Such blankets are dense, warm, compact, easy to fold and clean. And if you’re planning to travel during a heat wave, think about purchasing a cooling pad for your dog.

Factors to Сonsider When Choosing a Suitable Dog Bed

Choosing a right dog bed may sound like an easy task, but in reality it isn’t. There is a wide choice of beds for all types of breeds, so you need to clearly understand what you are looking for.

Here are the most important things you should pay attention to:

  • Dog’s measurements. When choosing a dog bed, focus on the size you need for your dog, and not on the price or its appearance. You will have to measure both the height and the length of your dog to determine the correct size dog bed. The bed should be as wide as two dog heights. As for the length, you will need to measure the dog lying on its side from the nose to the beginning of the tail and add approximately 15 cm. Getting the right size is important because dogs don’t feel themselves comfortable when there is little space. If you are buying a bed for your puppy and don’t want to change it as the animal grows, then buy one that will fit the size of an adult dog of this breed;
  • Material. Pet beds need regular grooming and washing, so choose a material that is practical, low maintenance and strong enough to withstand a lot of washes. Canvas, microfiber, jean, and nylon are exactly of that variety.  Plush or faux fur blankets are only suitable for short-haired dog breeds that barely shed. Filler is another major factor. It’s not worth buying beds with natural fillings, as they are more likely to attract parasites;
  • Price. Cheap dog begs are most likely made of low-quality materials and won’t last long. Therefore, it’s much wiser to buy a decent dog bed for a long time than it is to constantly buy low-quality ones;
  • Form. When choosing the type and shape of the bedding, keep in mind that you will have to clean it all the time. For example, there will always be dust, hair, and all kinds of dirt in between the bumpers and the bottom of padded mats. However, if you are okay with cleaning it, you can choose a dog bed of absolutely any shape. You can also choose the form depending on the breed of your dog, hair thickness, his favorite sleeping position and temperature.

 Best Place to Put a Dog Bed

If possible, place the bed where your dog spends most of his time. It could also be the spot where he prefers to sleep. 

Make sure that it’s a secluded place where you won’t disturb the dog, but at the same time the dog has to see what’s going on in the room. Obviously there shouldn’t be any kinds of batteries, air conditioners, doors, and windows. It’s also important to position the dog bed at least 8-10 cm above the floor to avoid drafts.

You could also place multiple dog beds in several rooms so that the dog could rest wherever and whenever he wants.


Picking the best dog bed is not an easy task, but it’s certainly worth it. It will make your dog extremely happy and satisfied.

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